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how to create a folded words design


make it fabulous, make it fun—and most importantly make it yours. simply follow the lead of our imaginative, hands-on, and passionate designers, and let your creativity shine.

  • imagine

    SAMPLE 1

    Start by choosing a card from our dynamic design gallery. (Think of it more as a catalogue of well-curated suggestions rather than a compendium of answers.) At this point your stationery will be 80 percent designed. If you like your choice as-is, just add your personal details and you’re done! But if you'd like to fully customize your card, follow our “waterfall” of foolproof design options for the remaining 20 percent. You can customize as much or as little as you want.

  • create

    Because only the best, most talented graphic artists are behind every Folded Words product, every design choice you make leads only to a compatible next choice. And every component of your Folded Word creation–color, size, shape, composition, typeface, paper–is guaranteed to work together seamlessly. Choose matching envelopes (which you can customize with colorful liners, motifs, and monograms), and then add other matching items (like thank you notes, notecards, and more). Or simply save your matching items and order them later. Finally, approve your stationery suite and place your order.

  • it’s easy to customize

    You can edit everything! Just select, edit, and click “next” to move on to the next step.

    1. choose a design and a layout

    Every Folded Words design comes with a wide variety of alternative layouts. Choosing your design—and the layout that best fits your mood, message, and style—are the first steps to creating a truly one-of-a-kind expression.

    SAMPLE 2

    2. customize your text

    Use our sample verse as a guide—and then make it your own. Write your message directly on the card, and as you select from different type styles and color options you can see your text update instantly. Don’t worry, our professional designers have carefully curated your options to ensure no mistakes are possible. Every choice you make will turn out just right.

    SAMPLE 2

    3. add a photo

    Most Folded Words products offer the option of adding one or many photos. You can rotate, scale, move the image, or change it from color to black-and-white or sepia. All your photos will look stunning when they’re printed on our thick, premium stationery paper. (And the fact that our beautiful paper enjoys full environmental certification only makes something great even better.)

    SAMPLE 2

    4. push the envelope

    Choose custom printing for your envelopes and you can have your return address pre-printed. Or put the cherry on top by adding a color monogram or motif that perfectly matches your card.

    SAMPLE 2
  • SAMPLE 2


    Folded Words is a completely easy shopping and stationery design experience—every aspect of your final product is visually coordinated, design-consistent, and quality-assured. So just as our envelopes are as beautiful as the cards within, our packaging is as eye-catching as the stationery, cards, announcements, invitations, notepads, and labels it ships. Enjoy!

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